Quadcopter with Camera Drones: Top 13 in 2016

Quadcopter with camera drones are some of the most exciting products on the market today. While many people wonder what the difference between a quadcopter and a drone is, it’s quite simple. “Drone” is a term used to describe any unmanned aircraft – large or small. Best drones come in all shapes and sizes and are popular among consumers.  Quadcopter, on the other hand, refers to a drone with four propellers and engines for vertical lift-off.

Quadcopters are easy to fly, perfect for a wide variety of applications, and ideal for beginning drone pilots. Right now, new quadcopters with exciting, innovative features are coming out every year, and there’s no sign that the market for quadcopter with camera drones is going to slow down anytime soon.


Choosing a Quadcopter with Camera for Sale

If you’re looking for a quadcopter with camera drone, your first step is to know what you’re looking for. While there are many different quadcopters with camera drones on the market, it’s critical to ensure that you purchase the one that suits your needs, requirements and desires.

You’ll also need to consider the price. It’s easy to spend thousands on quadcopter with camera drones, so you’ll have to understand how far your budget can stretch before you start shopping. With that in mind, here are the top 13 quadcopter with camera drones currently on the market:


Top 13 Quadcopter with Camera Drones


#1. Best Quadcopter: DBPOWER Wingsland 2.4G 10 CH POI FPV Quadcopter


Best quadcopter with camera DBPOWER Wingsland


Recommended for: Everyone. This drone model offers smart flight features and durable construction, in addition to its simple controls.


  • Intuitive controller. While many drones feature difficult-to-use, confusing controllers, the DBPOWER Wingsland 2.4G 10 CH POI FPV Quadcopter’s controller is straightforward, making it ideal for kids and adults alike.
  • Built-in camera. The built-in camera on this drone model also offers a stabilized gimbal to reduce vibration.


  • Minimal operating distance. This drone commonly loses transmission at 20 feet, making for short-distance flights.
  • Limited customer support. If you’re having difficulty operating this drone, you may also have a hard time finding customer support to address the problem.

Amazon Stars Rating


Boasting a bright orange-and-black body and an intuitive controller, the DBPOWER Wingsland 2.4G 10 CH POI FPV Quadcopter with camera drone is the ideal starter drone for virtually everyone. While its good looks and sporty construction are enough to make you fall in love, what drone pilots love about this model is the smart flight features.

Simply give this drone a location or a focus object and it will face it for the duration of the flight. Alternately, you can also set this drone to circle an object automatically, which is perfect for capturing in-depth photos. Regardless of which setting you choose; you can always trust that your drone will return home safely since it’s also programmed to remember the exact spot it launched from.

In addition to the fact that it’s intelligent and simple to fly, this quadcopter with camera drone also offers a live-action monitor and a flight duration of approximately 25 minutes. Regardless of your chosen application, this high-quality, long-lasting model is the ideal choice for virtually every pursuit.


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#2. Best Quadcopter Drone for Beginners: Akasko X5C


Best quadcopter with camera Akasko X5C

Recommended for: Beginning quadcopter with camera pilots looking for a simple, safe quadcopter for hobbyist use.


  • Safe. This quadcopter with camera features built-in protectors designed to protect the propellers from damage in the event of a collision.
  • Easy to construct. While this isn’t a “ready to fly” quadcopter with camera drone, it assembles within 15 minutes.


  • Poor video quality. You’ll likely notice shaky video transmission with this quadcopter’s built-in HD camera.
  • Limited battery life. On a single battery, this quadcopter with camera drone gets about 10 minutes of flight time.

Amazon Stars Rating


The ultimate rookie dream, this simple quadcopter with camera drone is ideal for anyone who’s never flown a quadcopter before. Built to be sturdy, forgiving, maneuverable, and a whole lot of fun, the Akasko X5C is the perfect introduction to quadcopter with camera drones.

While it’s easy for novices to use, this little drone is far from being a boring piece of equipment. Capable of 360-degree flips and continuous rolls, this drone is sporty, agile, and ready to play whenever you are.


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#3. Best Drones Under $100: UDI U818A


Best quadcopter with camera UDI U818A


Recommended for: Hobbyist quadcopter with camera pilots who want a durable, sturdy quadcopter capable of sporty tricks.


  • Modular design. The modular design of this quadcopter with camera model makes it easy to fix in the field if needed.
  • Stable flight experience. Thanks to this drone’s four channel function, it’s easy to operate and also stable in the air.
  • Extended remote distance. While long-range operation isn’t typically seen in quadcopter with camera drones in this class, the UDI U818A remote transmits a signal up to 30 meters from the drone.


  • Short battery life. Despite the fact that this model’s battery takes 120 minutes to charge, the flight time is only 7-10 minutes.
  • Lightweight construction. While the UDI U818A’s lightweight body can be a good thing, it’s also easy for this quadcopter to be knocked off balance by a stiff breeze.

Amazon Oculus Rift Stars Rating


Order this quadcopter with camera drone and it will arrive on your doorstep, ready to fly. Simply add a few AA batteries to the remote and charge the LiPro battery and you’re good to go. Once it’s in the air, you’ll find that this little drone is as sporty as it is good-looking – capable of 360-degree eversion and other quick maneuvers.

While the UDI U818A isn’t a professional-grade drone, it captures quality images and video (but no audio). Thanks to its flexible propellers and circular design, this quadcopter with camera drone is also kid-safe and ideal for the entire family.


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 #4. Best Quadcopter with Camera Drone: Cheerwing Syma X5SW


Quadcopter with camera Cheerwing Syma X5SW

Recommended for: Experienced and advanced quadcopter with camera pilots who want sophisticated flight features and high-quality images.


  • FPV Video. For a unique video experience, this quadcopter also features first-person-view (FPV) video that can be streamed over Wi-Fi.
  • Multiple color choices. The Cheerwing Syma X5SW comes in several different color options – white, red, and black.


  • Short flight time. Use this quadcopter the way you’re supposed to (with both the camera and prop guards on) and you’ll only get about four short minutes of flight time.

Amazon Stars Rating


While the Cheerwing Syma X5SW is classified as a toy quadcopter, it doesn’t fit the bill. Featuring dozens of high-tech features and add-ins that make it more exciting than virtually any drone in its class, the Cheerwing Syma X5SW is a highly functional little quadcopter.

Fit for intermediate and advanced drone pilots, the Cheerwing Syma X5SW also offers a quality camera and a 50-meter control distance. What’s more, this model also offers forward-thinking FPV technology that doesn’t break the bank – simply clip your mobile device into the controller.


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#5. Best Quadcopter: Syma X8G


Best quadcopter with camera Syma X8GRecommended for: Aerial photography buffs who want a simple but capable drone.


  • Built-in camera. The included, 5 MP camera offers enough resolution for hobby photography.
  • Affordability. In addition to being functional, this drone is also reasonably priced, which makes it accessible to most consumers.


  • Minimal battery life. At about 12 minutes of flight time, the battery life on this model is shorter than average.

Amazon Stars Rating


The best quadcopter with camera drone for new drone pilots interested in aerial photography, this model is simple and safe. In addition to its glossy silver body, this drone also offers built-in prop guards, landing gears, and an integrated GoPro camera.

In the air, this drone is stable and reliable, which makes it easy for beginners to fly. In addition to flying well during good weather, this drone can also handle stiff winds and indoor and outdoor flight.


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#6. Best Micro Quadcopter with Camera Drone: Eachine H8C Quadcopter

Best quadcopter with camera Eachine H8C Quadcopter

Recommended for: Brand new drone pilots in search of a fun toy drone on which to learn.


  • Integrated camera. Typically not seen on smaller models, this drone includes an integrated 2 MP camera.
  • LED lights. This drone also flies well at night thanks to its built-in LED lights.


  • Short flight time. On average, you’ll get about 5 minutes in the air with this model.
  • Delicate body. Unlike some of the larger, heavier quadcopter with camera drones, this model is small and somewhat fragile.

Amazon Oculus Rift Stars Rating


Ideal for new drone users who want to learn on a simple, capable drone, the Eachine H8C Quadcopter is a perfect choice. Complete with a simple camera and one key “Return to home” feature, this drone also offers an intuitive remote.

The ideal launching point into bigger and better things, the Eachine H8C Quadcopter is the best quadcopter with camera drone model for real newbies who are just beginning to get their feet wet in aerial sports.


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#7. Best Toy Quadcopter with Camera Drone: Cheerson CX-10C

Best quadcopter with camera Cheerson CX10C

Recommended for: Children. Known as the “world’s smallest camera drone,” this cute little quadcopter is also a fantastic learning platform.


  • Integrated camera. While this model’s camera only boasts .3 megapixels, it’s perfect for children to learn on.
  • Trick capabilities. To add some extra fun and excitement, this quadcopter with camera drone does in-air flips.


  • Short battery life. Thanks to its tiny battery, this quadcopter only flies for 3 minutes at a time.
  • No one key return. This quadcopter also doesn’t offer the smart flight features of larger models.

Amazon Oculus Rift Stars Rating


Available in three fun colors, the Cheerson CX-10C mini quadcopter is ideal for children and children-at-heart. Complete with built-in LED lights for night flight, this quadcopter with camera drone also offers a convenient six-axis gyro that helps you ensure a stable flight experience.

While the battery life is minimal and this model won’t produce bright, professional photographs, it’s an ideal first drone for anyone interested in quadcopters.


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#8. Best Drone for Aerial Video: Holy Stone X400C

Best quadcopter with camera Holy Stone X400c


Recommended for: Intermediate drone pilots who want a quadcopter with camera drone that produces quality, live video.


  • Form and function. The Holy Stone X400C looks good and feels great to use. This, in turn, makes it ideal for all drone consumers.
  • Smooth flights. This quadcopter with camera drone stands up to breezes for enjoyable flights.


  • Limited flight time. If you’re looking for 20-minute flight times, you won’t find it here. This drone only spends 7-9 minutes in the air.

Amazon Stars Rating


Like many of the quadcopter with camera drones on this list, the Holy Stone X400C offers a 6-axis gyro that keeps it stable in the air. Unlike many other quadcopters, however, it also offers a smooth body and attractive construction that make it look as capable as it feels.

Despite its affordable price tag, the Holy Stone X400C quadcopter with camera drone offers smart features like 360-degree flips and continuous rolls. In addition to this, the drone can also take live video and still photographs on its included camera – the quality of which will surprise you.


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#9. Best Budget Quadcopter with Camera Drone: Eachine Racer 250 FPV

best quadcopter with camera


Recommended for: Pilots who want a budget drone but are interested in quadcopter racing.


  • Affordable. Inexpensive and made from quality materials, this drone fits virtually anyone’s budget.
  • FPV Camera. An uncommon feature on drones in this class, the tilt-able FPV camera offers a unique in-flight experience.


  • Poor instructions. Many consumers have a hard time putting this drone together due to a lack of instructions.

Amazon Stars Rating


The first big step toward high-quality racing drones everyone can afford, the Eachine Racer 250 FPV is a sturdy, well-built drone. In addition to its sporty body, this drone offers quality in-air performance that makes it perfect for intermediate drone pilots.

One of the main drawbacks about this drone is that it doesn’t come ready to fly. Instead, you’ll need to put the entire thing together yourself, which can be frustrating thanks to the minimal instructions and many pieces.

Despite the difficult assembly, however, the Eachine Racer 250 FPV is a sturdy, functional drone. This model also includes an HD camera, real-time video transmission, and a highly sensitive long-distance remote perfect for long flights.


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#10. Best FPV Quadcopter: Hubsan H107D X4


Best quadcopter with camera Hubsan H107D-X4 Quadcopter


Recommended for: Tech-savvy pilots who want a tiny, portable FPV quadcopter that also features a powerful camera.



  • Live feed video. One of the smallest quadcopter with camera drones to offer FPV, the Hubsan H107D X4 features a built-in 4.3” viewing screen in the controller.
  • Sturdy body construction. Designed to hold up to daily use, this 4.5” drone is well-built and robust.
  • Long flight time. Compared to other quadcopter with camera drones on this list, which only fly 2-4 minutes, the Hubsan H107D X4 has a long flight time at 7 minutes.


  • Difficult to fly. Unlike other, larger drones, the Hubsan H107D X4 doesn’t use GPS to maintain its in-air position. This leads to a challenging flight experience.

Amazon Stars Rating


A tiny yet capable drone, the Hubsan H107D X4 offers all the benefits of high-quality FPV video without the bulk of other models. Complete with a crystal clear LCD FPV monitor in the controller, this quadcopter with camera drone takes photos and videos on an integrated 720p camera.

Ideal for the drone enthusiast who wants a capable and agile drone, the Hubsan H107D X4 flies fast, performs well, and also does flips.


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#11. Best RC Quadcopter with Camera: Syma X11C


Best quadcopter with camera drone Syma X11C


Recommended for: Advanced drone pilots hungry for increased capability and smart features.



  • Included prop guards. Designed to keep the props safe and secure while flying, this quadcopter with camera drone offers installed prop guards.
  • Ideal for anyone looking for an affordable quadcopter with camera drone, this model won’t break the bank.
  • Geared motors. Unlike many other drones in this class on the market, the Syma X11C offers geared motors, which creates a more stable flight pattern.


  • Brittle propellers. Despite the included prop guards, the propellers are made from brittle plastic and break easily in collisions.

Amazon Stars Rating


Designed with intermediate or advanced drone pilots in mind, the Syma X11C is also a capable drone that offers form and functionality in a single package. Despite the fact that this model features intelligent features, it’s easier to fly and is ideal for beginners who want to learn to fly a quadcopter with camera drone.

The only downside is that this drone breaks easily. You’ll need to be prepared to replace parts that wear out or get damaged over time. Providing you can do that, you’ll wind up with an excellent drone with an integrated camera.


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#12. Best Small Quadcopter: Holy Stone X300C


Best Quadcopter with Camera Drone Holy Stone X300C


Recommended for: Drone pilots who want tricks, quality video, and the option to switch between right- and left-hand throttle.


  • Wi-Fi FPV. Clip your mobile device to the remote and view FPV on the screen.
  • Extended flight time. With 10+ minutes of flight time, this is one of the longest in-air quadcopters in its class.


  • Low wind tolerance. Thanks to its small body, the Holy Stone X300C has a difficult time flying in the wind.

Amazon Stars Rating


A sturdy, sporty drone that offers dozens of features, the Holy Stone X300C appeals to beginning and advanced pilots, alike. Equipped with FPV video as well as a headless mode, this quadcopter is among the most versatile on the market.

In addition to those capabilities, the Holy Stone X300C also offers 3D flips and simple parts replacement. Choose to switch back and forth between right- and left-hand throttle on this versatile quadcopter with camera drone.


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#13. Best Quadcopter Under $150: DBPOWER MJX X400W FPV


Quadcopter with Camera Drone DBPOWER MJX X400W FPV


Recommended for: Advanced drone pilots in search of a sporty, capable drone.



  • FPV. High-quality, streaming FPV.
  • Long-distance transmission. The DBPOWER MJX X400W FPV works up to 100 meters away.


  • Short flight time. Without multiple battery re-charges, you’ll only get 7 minutes in-air time out of this quadcopter with camera drone.

Amazon Stars Rating


Built to cater to advanced pilots while also offering the simple controls beginners need, the DBPOWER MJX X400W FPV quadcopter with camera drone is a fun model. Designed with FPV capabilities, this drone also provides a convenient headless mode and LED lights for nighttime flying.

While there are many things to love about this quadcopter, its main downside is the short flight time and long charging time. While you can expect about 7 minutes in the air, the battery takes an average of two hours to recharge fully. With this in mind, you may want to consider purchasing additional batteries, also.

If the short flight time doesn’t bother you, you’ll enjoy the convenient size, slick body, and long-distance control capabilities this quadcopter with camera drone offers.


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While there are dozens of outstanding quadcopter with camera drones on the market today, these 13 are some of the best. Regardless of whether you want a toy drone that allows you to fly fast and learn quickly or a high-tech, advanced quadcopter perfect for performing tricks and taking quality photos, there’s something on this list for you. We hope you enjoy your new quadcopter!

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