Top VR Headsets in 2016 (Everyone Has No. 4)

Virtual reality is currently the new buzz term around class rooms, college dorms and just about everywhere else. This technology is truly set to revolutionize the world of gaming. And thanks to a new breed of top VR headsets, this may well become a reality.

If you’re unfamiliar with VR headsets, here’s a brief explanation: A virtual reality headset is a piece of technology that you wear over your eyes and is in most cases (the Google Cardboard VR is an exception) straps around your head to free your hands.

Basically the headset is nothing more than a high-tech pair of goggles, which block out all external light. And depending on whether your device is designed to work with a smartphone, PC or console the content you consume i.e. games, movies and educational apps will be provided by it.

Now you know more about VR headsets, we’re going to review six of the best VR headsets available now. We’ll also rate them and tell you who we think the manufacturer had in mind when developing them.



Top VR Headsets: Oculus Rift


best vr headset, oculus rift

Recommended for: Gamers with enough disposable income and the PC hardware to back up this powerful VR system.

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According to the manufacturer the launch of Oculus Rift means the future is here. And this means a bright and wondrous new future for the gaming industry. The Oculus offers you not only a new dimension in gaming, but also a technological one too.

Oculus in our opinion has done a great job with design. The headset is vigorous enough to contend hours of gameplay as it feels very robust. You also get a good quality pair of headphones that further immerse you into the VR world.

However, what good is one of the top VR headsets without games and other content to play on it? All gamers will be pleased to know that the Oculus Rift’s core focus is towards gaming.

And the proof is in the pudding because Oculus recently launched with 30 titles! That’s more than the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One started with!


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Top VR Headsets: PlayStation VR


best vr headset, playstation vr


Recommended for: If you’re a PlayStation 4 owner the PlayStation VR is for you. It is one of only a few headsets being created for game console owners.

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As with the Oculus above, the PlayStation VR has been through a few different design iterations since we first heard about it back in 2014. Back then Sony had no idea if the headset (called Project Morpheus then) would even get to the market.

However, Sony have now given it the Playstation stamp of approval and it will be ready for you to buy on October 13th 2016. But, what about its features and specs?

With a 100-degree field of view, it’s average compared to other headsets considering humans have a max 180-degree field of view. That being said, its screen refresh rate is set at 120Hz. This means the images you will see on screen are less likely to lag as you move your head.

Also, here’s some good news if you wear glasses, the PlayStation VR is compatible. As a result, you can wear your glasses while playing and watching content through its OLED display. All in all, this the HTC Vive is expected to be one of the top VR headsets in 2016 and so should be one that is worthy of your consideration.


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Top VR Headsets: HTC Vive


best vr headset, HTC Vive


Recommended for: Aimed at gamers and those with an interest in VR education, the HTC Vive is set to be one of the best VR headsets in 2016!

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If you know what VR is then I’m sure you’ve already been impressed by the gaming experiences these kind of devices provide. However, the HTC Vive is set to take VR gaming to a new level. It is a true Oculus Rift rival and may even surpass it in terms of tech and ability.

HTC have been working on the Vive in partnership with Valve the company behind the popular SteamVR platform. The Vive is a unique VR headset as it allows you to walk around a 15-by-15-foot square real world space. This space in the VR world gives will give you the impression of being in a limitless environment.

Finally, with it’s 110-degree field of view, an above average 90fps refresh rate, positional tracking, room tracking and a pair of unique controllers that enable you to interact with your VR environment, it’s easy to see why the Vive is tipped to be one of the top VR headsets.



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Top VR Headsets: Samsung Gear VR


Best VR Headset For Mobile, Samsung Gear VR


Recommended for: The Gear VR is for Samsung Galaxy range smartphone owners and is compatible with handsets that have various different screen sizes.

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The Samsung Gear VR does not receive its content from a console or computer. Instead you slide a compatible Samsung Galaxy Smartphone into the faceplate of the device. For example, you can use the Galaxy Note 5, S6, S6 Edge and so on up to the most recent handset. This then projects a 3D image on to your eyes.

Using the Oculus app on your phone, which displays a pair of side by side images this tricks your brain into thinking it’s in a 3D environment. As a result, you can then adjust the focus to something that is comfortable using controls on the top of the headset.

As for design, it looks somewhat like a black and white snorkellers mask, but a futuristic one at that! Plus, being the best VR headset for mobile, you can strap it to your head which isn’t possible with some of the other cheaper models like the Google Cardboard. This in turn frees up your hands and creates a more comfortable experience.


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Top VR Headsets: Noon VR


one of the top vr headsets, noon vr


Recommended for: If you love to watch 3D movies and play games the Noon VR is a top VR headset worthy of adding to your maybe list.

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The Noon is similar to the Gear VR as you have to insert an Android or iPhone handset into its faceplate. However, it is relatively unknown among many review sites on the web. But this does not mean that Noon has nothing to offer you. This is because it is as feature rich as those manufactured by more well-known brands.

Starting with design, it looks just like most top VR headsets do. It has a goggle like protrusion that covers your eyes. Plus, there’s also an over the head strap made from a thin fabric and velcro to secure it, which fits multiple head sizes and provides a relatively comfortable fit.

Unlike more expensive devices on the market, the Noon has no controls on the headset. This means that to change what you’re doing you will have to unhook your smartphone. As for software there are of games and apps, on both Google Play and the iOS App Store. Plus, there is the Noon VR app. This picks out video content from your phone and enables you to view them in virtual reality.


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Top VR Headsets: Zeiss VR One


best vr headset, zeiss vr


Recommended for: Someone looking for an alternative to the Samsung Gear VR that is easy to use and of premium build quality.

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Yet again this is a device that looks similar to the Samsung Gear VR. The Zeiss has white plastic looking visor and a transparent plastic faceplate. Plus, like the Gear VR it has lines of foam inside the facemask, which helps give you a comfortable fit.

What’s more, the mobile headset has been designed so that your smartphone has to be placed into trays before it slides into the device. Therefore, unlike the majority of the top VR headsets for mobile, this one does not have a removable faceplate.

The Zeiss is compatible with both iPhones and Android handsets and offers a selection of its own VR apps. These apps include the Zeiss VR One AR and VR One Cinema. Within the packaging of the device you find a colorful cardboard cube. This has been designed for you to interact with those apps.


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What do you think of our list? Feel we missed something out? Let us know in the comments below!

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