Best Bluetooth Earbuds: 15 to Buy in 2016

If you listen to your favorite track while playing sports, or running at the gym, then you’re familiar with that feeling of accidentally ripping your earphone cables out right in the middle of your workout. Or maybe you’ve tried exercising with your over-ear headphones only to ruin your ear-cups with sweat. Finding the best Bluetooth earbuds will not only solve these problems, but they will also deliver you powerful in-ear sound.

Today, you will find speakers that are specifically designed for use at the gym. They boast of internal batteries and sweat-proof casings. But with such a broad range of products on the market, finding the best Bluetooth earbuds can be hard. To make your life easier, we’ve compiled a list of 15 of the best Bluetooth earbuds you can buy this year:

(P.S If you were looking for info on headphones you can buy, this article won’t be for you since it focuses on the best Bluetooth earbuds. You should check out our list of 20 of the best headphones in 2016 if this is you. If not, read on!)


#1 JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth Earphones

Get some of the best Bluetooth earbuds like the Jaybird Bluebuds X Sport headphones!



– Sweat resistant

– Powerful audio mix

– Eight-hour battery life


– Expensive

– Annoying volume change beep


The JayBird BlueBuds are some of the best cordless earbuds you can use for exercising. Despite their premium price, many agree they’re justified by tonnes of features and excellent sound quality.

They are simply some of the best Bluetooth earbuds you can buy. This is because they  come with interchangeable tips and additional wing-shaped ear cushions that maintain the buds in place as you move about. And just like most Bluetooth earphones, the cable that connects the two earbuds is tangle-free and flat.

The Bluetooth earbuds have a hydrophobic Liquipel coating that repels sweat so that the earphones stay free from damage. Inline controls for track navigation, volume and calls are nicely placed, but the beeping response you get after adjusting volume levels quickly gets annoying.

Apart from beeps, other sounds delivered by these earphones are phenomenal. There is no upward limit to the quality of sound in Bluetooth transmission, but BlueBuds X delivers a rounded low-end response with crisp mid-high and downsized mids. Although the sound is not true or flat as an over-ear set of headphones, the balanced EQ tweaks play a significant role in reducing listener fatigue for long periods of time.

The earphones delivers 5% less harmonic distortion even at high volume levels. Their relatively strong passive noise isolation could be dangerous around busy exercise equipment but makes for a moderately improved response all the same.

If you are looking for workout headphones with good sound quality, then these are some of the best Bluetooth earbuds you can choose.


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#2 The Best Bluetooth Earbuds for Sports: Jabra Sport Pulse


Image of the Jabra Sport Pulse Earbuds - some of the best Bluetooth earbuds you can get!


– Withstands sweat, rain and dust

– Amazing audio mix

– Built-in heart rate monitor


– Expensive

– 4.5 hr battery life



The JabraSport Pulse combines a great plethora of app-powered workout features with quality portable audio. A button on the left earbud syncs with the earphone’s Sport Life app to help you set and meet your goals based on your distance, calories burned and heart rate zones.

After setting your goal in the app, you press the button located on the left earbud to listen to your progress towards the goal. However, although the app has a great feature which allows you to set cardio workouts, its music streaming features are limited, which means that you have to close it to open apps like Pandora, iHeartRadio or Spotify.

In addition to this, the headphones sound fantastic, delivering balanced sound with a strong low-end sound. To prevent listener fatigue, the mids are reduced at certain frequencies, and this can be done without affecting sound balance

The Jabra Sport Pulse is perfect for you if you’re looking for a wireless headset to improve your workouts.


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#3 Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for Training


Image of some of the best Bluetooth earbuds for training - The Jabra Sport Coach earbuds


– Withstands sweat, dust, and rain

– Motion tracking accelerometer

– Adjustable EQ


– Expensive

– You have to rely on the accelerometer more during workouts



The Sport Coach is one of the best Bluetooth earbuds on the market today. These wireless Bluetooth headphones are shipped with a wide selection of wings and eartips. They are also weather, rain and sweat resistant – making them ideal for your toughest workouts at the gym.

The Sport Coach uses a TrackFit motion-tracking accelerometer to measure your progress. Although cyclists and runners may miss the heart rate monitor on Jabra’s Pulse model for cardio workouts, if you are doing cross training, you’ll benefit from the comprehensive workout planning which uses the female coach voice to guide you.

You can actually use yours for running and cross training. You will also find the readouts on the Sport Life app very useful, especially when it comes to boosting your pace. The built-in accelerometer makes them one of the best Bluetooth earbuds of 2016


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#4 SoundPEATS Qy7: Wireless Stereo Sports Earphones

Image of the SoundPEATS Qy7 Bluetooth wireless earbuds



– Expensive

– Sweat-proof, durable and compact

– Strong audio performance


– Short Micro USB charging range

– Poor microphone placement



The SoundPEATS Qy7 is a pair of inexpensive Bluetooth earbuds that offer performance and durability. Its flat cable has a distinct color that is matched by somewhat manageable onboard controls.

Although the plastic cover on the Micro USB charger looks flimsy, the earphone’s build quality is sweat-proof and durable, making them some of the best Bluetooth earbuds you can buy. Their rechargeable batteries can last for 5 hours, which is good enough for two to three days of activity before you need to recharge.

Bluetooth connection is pretty straight forward, but you should note that SoundPEATS Qy7 gets a relatively poor Bluetooth range on the whole.

The QY7 delivers a rich and full response across its lows, mids, and highs. Overall, these headphones are a great pair of budget Bluetooth earbud. While they’re certainly not the absolute best Bluetooth earbuds, you’d definitely have to spend more to get a significantly worthwhile upgrade.


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#5 Plantronics BackBeat Go 2: Compatible with Android, iPad, iPhone & Other Devices


Image of Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 Bluetooth earbud headphones


– Comfortable and compact

– Sweat-resistant and durable design


– Weak low-end response

– Microphone picks up excess noise



Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 is a compact and lightweight Bluetooth headphone that stands out among many midrange price options. Aside from being lightweight and small, these earbuds are P2i nano-coated making them especially handy for water and sweat resistance.

The Bluetooth stereo headset is comfortable, and although it comes with three different style sizes for ear tips, some people have still reported a problematic fit.

The battery holds enough charge that can go for 4.5 hours. The earphones are shipped with a charging case, and when plugged in using a Micro USB, they offer 10 more hours of playtime. Overall, these are among the best Bluetooth earbuds as they sound solid while the highs and mids are mostly clear and lower-mids offer more punch.

While there is still room for improvement, it’s a good step up if you are looking for in ear-style Bluetooth headphones.





#6 Photive PH-BTE70: Sweatproof Earphones Designed to Fit Well


Image of Photive PH-BTE70 wireless Bluetooth earbuds


– 6-hour battery life

– aptX for quality listening and Bluetooth 4.0

– The ear hooks help to keep earbuds in position


– Professional design

– Annoying volume change beep



Although not the most expensive earbuds on the market, the PH-BTE70s are a popular midrange option for people looking for the best Bluetooth earbuds for running. They come with useful ear hooks that keep the earbuds in place as you work out.

They’re also sweat and rain resistant due to a silky rubber finish that has been treated with a hydrophobic Liquipel coating. And what’s more, it’s also easy to set up the Bluetooth 4.0 connection. Furthermore, if you connect to an aptX-compatible device, they deliver you a quality of sound that goes beyond that of a regular Bluetooth connection.

And because the PH-BTE70s have a 6-hour battery life, they’ll keeps up with your most brutal workouts. This is especially impressive when you consider the limitations on the audio that Bluetooth, by nature, has placed – these earbuds sound exceptional.


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#7 Jarv NMotion: Water Resistant Bluetooth Earphones for Training


Image of the Jarv NMotion wireless Bluetooth Earbuds


– Low price tag

– Ear hooks hold the earbuds in place

– Good connectivity


– Look dull

– Annoying blinking light

– It’s difficult to manage the length of the cable



First of all, let’s just clarify that the Jarv NMotions are among the cheaper side of the bluetoth earbud market. Despite this, they still deliver the best quality sound across the board. Although the sport earbuds look dull with their boxy black design, they are sturdy and come with optional ear hooks. However, these earbuds don’t have a way of managing the length of the cable, something crucial that many headphones include.

The 5-hour battery life, decent Bluetooth connection and inline remote are just some of the things that reinforce the quality of these headphones and make them some of the best Bluetooth earbuds you can get.

The Bluetooth wireless headphones produce quality sound, but you can also say that you get a bit from your small investment as they deliver robust sound for what they are. Although the bass is a little thin, treble frequencies are very clear.

Therefore, to summarize, these are the best Bluetooth earbuds for anyone looking for classy earphones with powerful audio performance.


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#8 Powerbeats 2 in-ear Bluetooth Earphones


Image of the Powerbeats 2 Bluetooth Earbuds


– 6 hours of battery life

– Water and sweat resistant

– Ear hooks keep the earbuds in place


– Expensive

– Leaks sound



Although Beats get plenty of well-deserved criticism for overpricing and over-marketing their audio equipment, they generally produce the best sound quality, period.

In addition to this, the Powerbeats 2 have declined in price that they are worth checking out if you are looking for the best Bluetooth earbuds in the market.

These Bluetooth earbuds are sweat and water resistant and their elegant design comes with a flexible ear hook. Inline controls are vulnerable to sweat; therefore, if you sweat a lot when working out then you might want to go for a different pair of headphones. The battery lasts for 6 hours, which is above the average for Bluetooth headphones.

The headphones are shipped with three pairs of eartips, but using the wrong one can cause wind noise when working out or sound leakage at high volumes.

If you are looking for a workout headphone then you should consider going for the Powerbeats 2.


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#9 Motorola S11-Flex HD Bluetooth Headset


Image shows the Motorola S11 Flex HD Bluetooth stereo headset


– Fantastic Bluetooth range

– 6.5 hours battery life


– Tricky Bluetooth connection

– Silicone headband interferes with portability



While the form factor of this Bluetooth headphone may look outdated against flat cable headphones, the flexible silicone headband has many benefits over other regular designs – when it comes to comfort, the Motorola S11-Flex shines.

However, the headphones are not portable as their shape doesn’t allow them to go into your pocket. The headphones are sturdy and lightweight and have reflective elements for running at night. Bluetooth connection is incredible, though pairing can be a finicky process.

Sound quality is perfect for the price and the 5 different EQ presets help you dial in your music for the best quality audio experience. While sound doesn’t need to be of optimal quality with headphones you wear to the gym, the S11-Flex delivers the best sound quality compared to any other headphones for the same price.

You can make the sound better, but if you want more volume, you can get superior sound isolation by exchanging among the included tips.

These are the best earbuds suited for the gym. Motorola S11-Flex is your best choice if you’re looking for earbuds that deliver excellent sound quality and fit well.


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#10 Mpow Cheetah: Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones for Running


Image shows the Mpow Cheetah Bluetooth Earbuds


– Inexpensive

– 8 hour battery life

– Bluetooth 4.1 with aptX


– Low-quality microphone

– Annoying volume change beep



The Mpow Cheetah provides quality sound and a user-friendly feel that makes it look like an expensive pair of headphones. Although the material used to make the earpiece is not high quality, it is comfortable to wear.

Ear tips that come with these headphones may not work for everyone, but if you can find a common ear tip with a reliable seal, then these can be the best Bluetooth earbuds for anyone.

The Bluetooth 4.1 is not only fast but also is easy to use.  Plus the fact that the earphones offer aptX support for listening is indeed amazing. Its battery lasts up to 8 hours.

The sound is also surprisingly clear. The mids and bass are relatively rich and highs are crisp without disturbing the ear in long listening periods. The built-in microphone works perfectly when it comes to taking quick calls. Incoming calls sound fine and despite being relatively cheap, the earphones are a well-rounded pair of earbuds that you won’t regret taking to the gym.


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#11 Focal Sphear: High Resolution Bluetooth Headphones


Image shows the Focal Sphear Earbuds


– The Focal Sphear is comfortable and lightweight in-ear headphone that sound impressive in your ears for the price, with pleasantly crisp treble and full bass.

– Microphone and inline remote button


– They allow a little more ambient noise



The Focal Sphear is an affordable in-ear headphone that is easy to use for long periods of time. It is sturdily built and is shipped with a thick main cord. The mic is located on the left cord near your mouth for making calls whereas the single-button remote if perfectly located down on the cable. You can use the button to answer calls, pause/play/skip tracks.

The quality of the calling is perfect, and the earbuds work as well as headphones. They also come with two sets of large medium and small tips – one foam set, one silicone set and a carrying case.

If you are looking for audiophile-grade headphones at an affordable price then you should buy Focal Sphear.


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#12 RHA T10i: Noise Cancelling in-ear Headphones


Image shows the RHA T10i Noise Cancelling Earbuds


– Quality sound

– Plethora of accessories, including 10 types of eartips

– Apple-compatible microphone and inline remote control


– They don’t fit well

– Inline remote’s function may not work with Windows and Android Phone devices



Although this design doesn’t work for everyone, these earbuds are well-built and sound great.

First impressions are very important, and these earbuds are terrific on every count-mid-range, treble, dynamics, bass, stereo imaging and so on.  The clarity of these earbuds will therefore make you feel closer to your music.

The RHA T10i are also well-crafted noise reduction headphones that sound great. Adding to this, they’re also a comfortable fit. There is no doubt that they will be good for many people. But as I said, they’re not for everyone. Your best bet is to try before you buy (if possible).

Overall, if noise cancellation is your thing, then these are one of the best noise cancellation headsets you can get.


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#13 Etymotic hf5: Noise Isolation in-ears


Image shows the Etymotic hf5 Earbuds


– These earphones deliver excellent sound quality

– Comes with a travel pouch


– May not be comfortable for everyone

– Not the best earphones for hip hop lovers



The Etymotic hf5 earphones have a black, 4-foot cable with a slider at the Y and detachable label clip. You will also get a filter-changing tool and additional set of filters, which are small cylinders that you insert into the earphone opening to level their frequency response. This is a good feature to have since it gives you an opportunity to repair the earbuds yourself.

The Etymotic hf5s are therefore excellent noise cancelling earbuds for you if you’re seeking a high level of sound isolation without compromising portability, style or sound quality.

P.S, Sound quality is good across all genres.


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#14 Beyerdynamic DX 160 IE: Best in-ear Headphones


Image of the Beyerdynamic DX 160 IE Earbuds


– Impressive sound quality

– Comes with a carrying case


– No inline remote and microphone



The Beyerdynamic DX 160 IE delivers optimal levels of bass that is not muddy or thick.  While they have excellent definition and their sound clicks with classical, jazz, rock and electronic music, their treble clarity is not too convincing. However, on the plus side, you’ll find the mid-range response is fantastic.

If you love bass, then you’ll be comfortable using these earphones, although, as with all in ears, the quality of the bass depends on how tight the seal is.

While these earbuds have small downsides (such as the unconvincing treble), they are bona fide audiophile headphones for only $100. But if you’re on a tighter budget, the DX120 iE are some of the best Bluetooth earbuds you can buy. However if you’re in the money and seek a more dynamic experience, the DX160 iE are the earbuds for you.


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#15 BlueAunt PUMP MINI: Fitness/Sweatproof Bluetooth Earphones


Image is of the BlueAunt PUMP Mini Bluetooth Earbuds


– Easy to use remote control


– The earbuds don’t fit well



Despite being called mini, these sweat proof headphones are large, making the right fit difficult. They have rubber fits that rest on the arches of your ears to fit well. However, when combined with silicone tips, there is indeed a lot to put into your ears.

The BlueAnt PUMP MINI comes in three different sizes, but you may find it a little difficult putting and keeping them on for extended periods of time. While the audio quality is just average, they can get pretty loud. When you find a good seal, these earbuds can block out a considerable amount of background noise.

In conclusion, the BlueAnt PUMP MINIs are appealing  easy to use headphones that should work well for you.


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